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SolarWinds adds tools for databases
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Half a year ago SolarWinds bought SentryOne and put a big step forward towards becoming the biggest player in Database Performance Management. Now we are starting to see the fruit of that acquisition. SolarWinds is adding several products to its … Read More

DPA 2021.1 Released!
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The wonderful SolarWinds DPA has just come in a new version – 2021.1, and with that some nice new features that we will take a look at. Find SQL – New view to find ALL SQL queries Before we typically … Read More

SolarWinds, störst på övervakning av databaser?
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Sen många år tillbaka har SolarWinds haft sin Database Performance Analyzer, DPA, för att övervaka och analysera hur dina databaser mår och vad dom gör. Den har varit specialiserad på MS SQL, Oracle och MySQL – både lokalt och i … Read More

Solarwinds Orion 2020.2 – dags att uppgradera!
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Sommar och semester är slut, dags att jobba igen. Då passar det ju bra att jobba med något roligt som Solarwinds Orion. Precis innan sommaren släppte Solarwinds nästa version av Orion Platform och som numera görs, även nya versioner av … Read More

Docker for microservices – Using JavaScript and Chrome to convert HTML to PDF
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In our team we have struggled to find a simple but yet complete solution to design and generate reports and protocols for one of our customers business applications. Fortunately with the help of Docker, Node.js and Chrome we found a solution. … Read More

Azure Function App problems – Error indexing method
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Today I came to work and noticed that one of our Azure Function Apps suddenly had stopped working. No code or any changes had been made to the app for several weeks, yet somehow the app failed to run.   The … Read More