Pay 151 SEK – Get 2400 SEK Back as Azure Credits (Microsoft Developer Program Benefit)

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I just recently got an email from Microsoft where they advertised one of their latest Azure drives. They now give monthly credits to all who got a Windows- and/or Windows Phone developer account.

If you have not got one already, my guess is that you will receive this benefit as well when you register. Just head to Windows Dev Center and sign up. To get an account you have to pay a minor fee, equivalent to 151 SEK.

Develper Program Benefit

To collect your monthly credits enter Visual Studio Dev Essentials, and follow the link Access your benefits. Then look for the Developer Program Benefit tile.

Microsoft Developer Program Benefit tile

(Don’t forget the 6 month free Pluralsight subscription either!)

Activating the Developer Program Benefit creates a new Azure subscription for you.

Monthly Microsoft Developer Program Benefit

Personally, I will use this for making backups of my NAS to Azure Blob Storage. What will you do for your “free” credits? You can get a lot of fun for 200 SEK worth every month. Pay 151 SEK, and get 2400 back is IMHO a really good deal!

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