VMworld Barcelona 2016 Summary

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VMworld is a IT conference hosted by VMware about virtualization, cloud computing and end user computing. This year VMworld Europe had +10000 attendants.


During the first day’s general session Pat Gelsinger CEO at VMware talked about the digital transformation. Today about 15% of all workloads are in the public cloud, VMwares prediction is that number will be 30% 2021, and by 2030 it will have grown to 50%.


Today there are about 8 billion human used devices such as mobiles, tablets and pc, IOT (internet of things) devices has about half that at 4 billion devices connected to the internet. The big growth in devices connected to the internet is predicted to be in the IOT market, the prediction is that by 2021 there will be about 18 billion IOT devices connected to the internet. With this change the demands on the cloud and services there will change.

Pat also speak about Control Vs Freedom, as applications and products is getting rolled out fast security gets even more important. Comparing the control vs freedom with parents and teenagers.


Vmware Amazon Partnership

A couple of weeks ago VMware and Amazon released the news about their new solution were you can run VMware workloads on AWS cloud. The offering will be similar to VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware’s software defined datacentre (SDDC) offering. It will run on bare metal AWS hardware and be consumed on per host level. Release is expected mid-2017.

From the admins point of view, the service will look like any other site running VMware SDDC including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and will be managed with vCenter. Is can be used as a standalone site or tied together with other sites thru vCenter.


New releases during VMworld Europe

vSphere 6.5 release, there is a lot of great news in this release. Here is my top three news.

  • HTML 5 Web client, finally the html 5 web client is released, from what is presented here it is about 3 times faster than the old adobe flash client
  • vCenter High Availability, the vCenter HA solution provides automated failover from active to passive vCenter with expected RTO < 5 mins. Uses synchronous replication so there is no data loss and operates in an Active-Passive configuration with a Witness.
  • Encrypted vMotion, Data transferred over vMotion protocol will be encrypted providing confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data transferred during live migrations.

vSAN 6.5 release, the product gets more mature, the top news

  • Ability to serve iSCSI from vSAN
  • All-flash hardware is now supported in all vSAN editions.
  • 2-node direct connect with witness for ROBO sites

Curiosities from the vSphere 6.5 releases, VMware has calculated that 603 million megawatt hours of power consumption has been saved with vSphere since the first release.


VMware Cross-cloud services,


The concept is to extend your SDDC to multiple cloud services. Cross-Cloud Service is possible thanks to tight integration with VMware NSX network virtualization features. There was a demo on this showing a portal that had connections to, Azure, AWS, vCloud Air and IBM cloud services.


From the demo it also looked like the product will work as a cloud-broker, so that you can compare cost depending on where you want to put your workload. By running NSX you can then extend your hybrid cloud so that is spans both your private and public cloud and hence creating a very flexible hybrid cloud. Hopefully there will be more news on this later on. Not really sure when this will be released but hopfully during 2017.


Key takeaways from the conference,

  • VMware is growing it the End User Computing (EUC) space, with great products like Workspace one. Tying everythin you need to run any application on any device together.
  • Network virtualisation is the driver towards the true hybrid cloud when you can move the workload between different types of cloud services.
  • The Software defined datacentre(SDDC) has now matured and many companies is running SDDC to be hardware independent, and enable movement of the workload inside the hybrid cloud.
  • To be part of the SDDC journey, the software and hardware suppliers must open up their platforms to enable cooperation and integrations between each other’s products. This is happening right now in some extend and it will be real interesting to follow the SDDC evolution.

As always it has been an interesting conference with a lot of news, meetings and great conversations.

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